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ADAA: The Art Show


March 2–6, 2016

Park Avenue Armory, NY

Installation Views

Selected Works

Pace/MacGill Gallery will present a dynamic multimedia exploration of subjects shown solely from behind. With both humor and sincerity, the works on view will investigate the visual and psychological intrigue of subjects approached from this unique vantage point.

The presentation will showcase some of the finest examples of photography, painting and sculpture utilizing this viewpoint, including work by Harry Callahan, Tim Eitel, Robert Frank, Paul Graham, Peter Hujar, Martin Kippenberger, Richard Learoyd, Richard Misrach, Michal Rovner, Lucas Samaras, Viviane Sassen, and Kiki Smith, among others.

Traditionally, artists have approached their subjects from frontal perspectives. When individuals turn their backs to the viewer, however, conventional portraits become investigations into the transformative power of anonymity. In seeking to decipher the identity and thoughts of a figure seen from behind, the viewer can visually assume their place within the picture.

Many of the selected works capture stolen, solitary moments of meditation and introspection, while some assume a more voyeuristic and cinematic feel. Others explore varied interpretations of the sensuality and physicality of the human back, and celebrate the formal beauty and sculptural quality of the body.

For more information about Pace/MacGill Gallery or press requests, please contact Margaret Kelly at 212.759.7999 or For general inquiries, please email

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